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Global Learning Using the Lens of Wicked Problems: Supplement


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The Great Problems Seminar (GPS) program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is the first step in WPI’s Plan of Developing a Global Mindset. The GPS Program was initiated in 2007 as a an interdisciplinary, project-based, first-year program where students work in small teams to solve complex, open-ended problems in food, health, education, energy, environment, and water sustainability. These first-year courses demonstrate the ability to develop a greater understanding of global issues while drawing on information from multiple disciplines. Students who participated in this program felt more prepared for additional global learning experiences offered at our institution (e.g., global community engagement projects in their junior year) because they received a solid base of content combined with competencies that allowed them to feel more comfortable in discussing and negotiating controversial issues. This packet of materials is a supplement for participants at 2018 AAC&U conference Global Engagement and Spaces of Practice: Exploring Global Challenges across Disciplinary Boundaries. In particular, our packet includes sample materials that provide an understanding how global competency can be integrated in a course, program, or across curriculum and work through which elements can be transferred to their home institution and courses.

©Marja Bakermans, Courtney Kurlanska, Elisabeth (Lisa) Stoddard and Derren Rosbach. Originally Created for the Great Problems Seminar Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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  • 2018
  • 2018 Global Engagement and Spaces of Practice: Exploring Global Challenges across Disciplinary Boundaries (Association of American Colleges & Universities Network for Academic Renewal)
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