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Assessing opportunities for air pollution mitigation in Chelsea, MA


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Air pollution is a pressing concern for many residents in Chelsea, MA, a city with a very high population density. Chelsea is uniquely impacted by the effects of poor air quality. There are many factors contributing to the air quality concerns in Chelsea, including high truck traffic, airport traffic, as well as parts of the city being used as warehouses and contribution centers. Air pollution has long been linked with many health effects, most notable of which being respiratory conditions such as asthma. We have selected areas within the city to focus on, by identifying areas and population groups most heavily impacted by air pollution, in order to recommend mitigation strategies most appropriate for these areas. We first aimed to analyze existing air quality data in order to understand the trends of air pollution in the city. We analyzed those data and created visuals to illustrate the severity of air pollution in Chelsea. Second, we surveyed community members to gain an understanding of the community’s perception of air quality in Chelsea. Lastly, we recommended air pollution mitigation strategies for implementation based on our air quality data analysis, insight into the community, as well as secondary research on existing mitigation strategies. To mitigate the levels and effects of air pollution in Chelsea we considered the feasibility and effectiveness of various strategies specifically applicable to Chelsea. We’ve made various conclusions and findings throughout the project that ultimately led to our final recommendations.

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