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Alternatives to Animal Experimentation: Exploring the Approval Process of Nanomaterial Safety Assessments

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Due to economic, practical, and ethical reasons, many researchers are promoting more widespread adoption of alternative testing methods to replace existing animal tests. The most effective way to increase the use of these alternatives is to gain regulatory approval and instatement as guidelines through the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). However, determining the exact approval process has been a major obstacle for many. Through information gathered from research and interviews, the process has been broken down into three main phases: development, validation, and regulatory acceptance. This report aims to provide a simplified guide for the approval process of alternative methods with a focus on nanomaterial assessments.

  • This report represents the work of one or more WPI undergraduate students submitted to the faculty as evidence of completion of a degree requirement. WPI routinely publishes these reports on its website without editorial or peer review.
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  • 2018
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