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My student teaching in 2021 began in the midst of the COVID 19 virus, which was a very unique scenario to complete my practicum. I delivered lessons both online and in-person which required me to create lesson plans could be taught virtually or hybrid. A majority of my time was spent refining these lesson plans to the point I felt comfortable teaching. In order to obtain my Massachusetts teaching license, I followed the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) cycle. Some aspects of the program included demonstrating my skills in six key areas which were, content knowledge, reflective practice, safe learning environment, meeting diverse needs, well-structured lessons, and High Expectations. I was required to meet at least the needs improvement evaluation in all of these sections but generally scored as Proficient. Through this experience I had a Supervising Practitioner, Thomas Noviello, who was in charge of assessing my teaching ability. He also collaborated with my Mentor Teacher Jackie Kalisz to evaluate if I was ready to obtain my teaching license. To detail my student teaching experience, I created an online e-portfolio to display information about Worcester Tech and the students, but also lesson plans and how I adhered to each of these CAP Elements. Below is a link to my e-portfolio website:

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