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An A/B Testing Platform for Fastly’s Compute@Edge Public

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A/B testing has become a common practice that companies use to continually improve and optimize existing products and services due to its ability to evaluate design ideas quickly, precisely, and cheaply. There are multiple A/B testing frameworks and platforms available for companies to use, yet of all the existing ones, currently none use Rust, which is the primary supported language with Fastly’s Compute@Edge (C@E) platform, the serverless execution environment for this project. We designed and developed an end-to-end A/B testing platform compatible with Fastly’s Compute@Edge serverless service offering. The three components of this platform are a Rust Crate (Framework), an API written in Go, and a user interface (UI) written in Javascript using React and Next.js. We thoroughly unit tested these components and system tested the overall platform with an example A/B test, which demonstrated that the platform is a successful minimum viable product. By taking a novel serverless approach to A/B testing, and utilizing the maturity and benefits of the three languages, Fastly can contribute to the business experimentation and serverless communities.

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