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The goal of this project was to redesign a wash station for our sponsors, a local agricultural farm called World Farmers. The farm reached out to Worcester Polytechnic Institute seeking a new wash station that would allow for a quicker washing process with less manual labor input. To achieve this goal, our team assessed the problems with the existing wash station at the farm. Based on the findings, we developed our final functional requirements for the new system design. Considering the volume and types of crops harvested at the farm, we created a new wash station design. In the new design, there are three separate sections that are two washing sections and one drying section. Throughout the semester we built and tested the design we created. The performance of the new design was evaluated with experimental trials to ensure user safety. We further examined the risks of the system through conducting calculations and comparing our theoretical values to our experimental findings. Our experimental data allowed us to analyze the system on a quantifiable level to confirm the system is safe. We defined the potential risks within our designs and provided solutions accordingly.

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