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For the 2020-2021 Oral History of Video Games IQP, Terry Deng and John Frazia were responsible for contributing to the ongoing, growing Oral History of Video Games Project at WPI. Due to unique current event circumstances, the group members had the challenge to look for new interview subjects while dealing with the COVID - 19 Pandemic. To adhere to the Massachusetts state guidelines and requirements to minimize pandemic effects, all participants within the project had to conduct all meetings and interviews virtually. Before the interview process, group members researched other oral history sites, studied various documentaries, and practiced mock interviewing to gain the interactive skills required for a professional interview. These interviews were all done virtually to fit with the pandemic. After all interviews were completed, the technical process of editing clips was done with software recommended by the project advisor, Professor Dean O’Donnell. The group managed to interview Michael Breault and has created several short clips that highlighted important narrative pieces of his story which were then later integrated into the WPI Alpheus website that hosts the Oral History of Video Games Project.

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