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The goal of this MQP was to design, build, and fly a radio-controlled aircraft that meets the 2022 AIAA DBF competition design and flight requirements. The objective of this competition was to produce an aircraft to complete humanitarian missions related to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The missions included the deployment of the aircraft, storing of vaccination syringes, and delivery of environmentally sensitive vaccine vial packages. There were four missions total: one relating to speed, two focused on payload transportation, and another relating to payload loading. The maximum allowed linear dimension of the aircraft was 8 feet, and the aircraft was limited to a maximum battery capacity of 100 watt-hours. The final design configuration included a 5 foot fuselage and a 7.5 foot wingspan. The aircraft carried two vaccine vial packages and more than 20 syringes. During the DBF competition, the team successfully passed one of four missions, surviving 50-60 mph wind gusts and a complete loss of thrust midflight.

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