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Design of a Data Acquisition System for a Kite Power Demonstrator Public

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The goal of this project was to design & implement a data acquisition system for a kite power system. To determine the power output of this system, torque of the flywheel, angular velocity of the shafts, angle of inclination of the lever arm, & force of the kite on the arm was measured. Four respective sensor instruments were purchased & configured for the system. The sensor outputs were processed using a data acquisition board that was used with LabVIEW to record measurements. The instantaneous power was determined from the data. To increase power, a second power system was created to use both ascending and descending motions of the rocking arm. All components & subcomponents were lab tested. The results of this project give further evidence to the credibility of the kite power concept.

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  • 2009
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  • 2009-04-28
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