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Open data is becoming widely available in the United States, but it can be challenging to effectively communicate this data to the public. The purpose of this project was to identify usable sources of open data to display on public facing digital signage that will educate communities on the local production of solar and wind energy, both actual and potential. The team aggregated open data sources following criteria we designed for this project’s use case and conducted interviews and surveys to design the most comprehensive display of this data for use in urban communities. We made recommendations to our sponsor, Roadify, including potential organizations to contact when seeking applicable data sources as well as strategies to display the data effectively. Although our team was unable to find data sources and elements that directly follow our criteria, we were able to develop educational designs to serve as a demonstration of our concept. Through our research we also concluded that displaying data on this topic would be beneficial to communities in the United States as it would spread awareness about the underutilization of renewable energy.

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