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With The Classroom Observation Interactive Learning System (COILS), WPI Computer Science department aims to employ the full cycle of data analysis process to assist pre-school teachers to better understand their class emotional and behavioral dynamics. COILS combines the analysis of data in raw forms of video including natural language processing and common technical analysis and data visualization techniques to visualize emotion data of students in a meaningful way that a normal preschool teacher can interpret easily. COILS can be split into 2 major components, the back-end component and the front-end component. The back-end component mainly deals with analyzing the emotions of the students. On the other hand, the front-end side will focus on delivering the result to the users, and this is also the main focus for this project. Our goal for front-end development is to provide the teachers with straightforward interfaces that are easy to use and informative. Given that kindergarten teachers aren’t always equipped with technical knowledge of data analysis and the project is under development and going to be expanded further, we attempt to explore UI designs, data visualization techniques, and code maintenance for future development.

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