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This project has been completed for the London Borough of Merton Council. It surveyed public opinion in three areas: the Town Planning Services's role in development control, the Town Planning Service's role in land-use policy, and the communication between the Town Planning Service and the public. A questionnaire distributed to the Residents' Association in Merton was our primary method of collecting data. Our secondary method was focus groups, or group interviews, of people who completed the questionnaire. We have provided statistical data concerning the opinions of the surveyed residents on the three research topics. Residents feel that the Town Planning Service is important for the borough, but they were not completely satisfied with the service. They also feel that the Town Planning Service needs to take an active role in improving the borough and communicating with the public. This data will be useful to the Town Planning Service in determining their direction for the twenty-first century.

  • This report represents the work of one or more WPI undergraduate students submitted to the faculty as evidence of completion of a degree requirement. WPI routinely publishes these reports on its website without editorial or peer review.
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