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The production team at Juniper Networks developed the Juniper Support Automation Solution (JSAS) to track the status of network devices and troubleshoot issues that their clients may face. Their AWS CloudWatch service receives tens of thousands of log messages from network devices at client locations on a daily basis. To make the troubleshooting and maintenance process more efficient and easier to use, the production team had set up a dashboard to select relevant data and display it in the form of log table widgets. However, with the increasing scale of the JSAS system, the widgets in the existing dashboard are cluttered with information from multiple sources and make it difficult to utilize the tool. To address this problem, we developed an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to build filtered dashboards by device serial numbers and built a new widget to display data from multiple sources parallelly in one log table. The IaC tool was created using an AWS CloudFormation template and leveraged the nested stack features, allowing the user to build up to 1000 dashboards. The widget was developed using the AWS CloudWatch query language and was placed at the top of every dashboard, providing a summarised view of the current state of all Juniper devices, helping improve the developer’s user experience with the dashboard.

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